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The Iron Curtain?

Beyond the Moonbeams


East Meets West


the watch makers dream
souless sadness
a nightmarish scene
The multitudes have awakened
worldwide nations can see  
the money changers are
killing for profit
people, animals, land, air, and sea

Far above Earth
beyond the moonbeams
the constellations and stars
tether our dreams
Mother natures' portent is shouting
heralding ominous themes/things
as the dove flies
so spake the angels to saints
and the deities deem true

Awaken, awaken!
Awaken realms all!
The sky is falling/failing
Emanuel's trumpet is blowing
The Earth's rotation is slowing
Her vibrations are flattened
wave tones towing


by MMP Publishing Et. al.

Our Clients

by Mary Margaret Park, Et. al.

battle shine reigns down
like phosphorescent water droplets
or a Comet's tale
the yen and yang
are screaming like Brezhnev's hell

in no fault divorce
there is no handmaid's tale
just 'sic' reminder's
like Persian oil fields

oil gluttons have staked
their claim
in present time's
a childhood maze
young men are braves'

Noam Chomsky tales
enshrined today's slaves
this language war
dead giveaways

for to lead the thirsty
to an iron trough
is no favor
when 'another' picks them off

they care not for Warsaw's claim
the damage wrought
remains the same
our youth divided
on a shooting range

Why do Nations' falter
with the Vice of War?
Perhaps our leaders' have forgotten
what they're fighting for...

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