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Acerca de


The Compound

A  Veranda

bricks still warm from the afternoon sun


tiled in pristine blue, a cross/mix between sky and Baltic blue


Secluded in the city

surrounded by lush trees and vegetation


The guards standing in the shadows 

have almost disappeared

they tarry on the periphery


Unspoken words on their tongues


Beyond the compound walls

are fields after a fashion

Aloe or Guava fruits I think

They drink up the ocean

then spit it out

at once, they guzzle river water


The water today is brown

the man who lives here warned us not to drink it

He promises it’ll be fine soon

“Let it settle”, like cocoa leaves


There are 3 scraggly chickens

in the yard

their legs mis-shaped/crippled

but they don’t seem to mind

dirty white, their red cocks combs

stand out like bloody tongues


There are no children here

not in the markets downtown either

I asked the man about them

he said, “Better not to ask”

So I don’t.


There’s an exotic bird in a cage

he lives in the back yard

good sized, with golden spotted feathers

what a Leopard would look like if he could fly


When the late afternoon sun arrives

my job is to water the stallion and mule

The Stallion is Grande, chestnut yellow

The Mule is his companion


The man comes and goes

sometimes for months at a time

Mostly I stay

Here memories are like dry dust in the heat

but back home, they are dark

Oh, so terribly dark






periwinkle paint

child’s play

my fingers are covered


it cracks my skin


The wells between

my fingers are screaming


Just one more thing

Yellow’s yellow

Too bright for song birds

I’ll make a hat

for “Tweety bird”


But I’ve got Blue grass 


Blue glass

shaped like a sparrow


Old wives tale

say’s it’s the Blue Bird of Happiness

can’t say for sure

but it’s constant



           is so fragile


But I’ve got Blue grass in mind


Old wives tale

represents the Blue Bird of Happiness

blue glass

shaped like a sparrow


Can’t say for sure

but it’s constant



is so fragile

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