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November 28th, 2021
St. Peters, Missouri

Evidently the St. Peter's Police department takes personal offense by being asked to "Protect and Serve" the local community, it's residents, or any community including those that fall under other jurisdictions whether State or Federal.

I'd like to offer a personal apology as well as my own condolences to the loss of my Mother to the St. Peter's Police department for having the audacity to report what I believed to be a serious

Fire Hazard tied to what appeared to be an accelerated computer data issue and possible hacking incident of unknown origin that occurred on December 04, 2020 that constituted a threat to not only public safety but national security as well.

The incident got around all fingerprint, Apple computer security, severed my telephone lines, infected all electronic devices in my home and even electrically arced into a neighbors television set, as well as took over control of all blue tooth devices, computer cable modems, and rendered my personal computer under the control of a virus or unknown entity therefore exposing all my personal information to an unknown possibly hostile actor, and as well took over control of my computer keyboard and administrative tools. 

When the incident occurred every electrical cord attached to ANY and ALL internet ready devices became dangerously hot and thus a serious fire hazard and data breach. I immediately informed my next door neighbors since I believed it was their TV set and cable that had possibly been affected as well as conveyed my concern over hot wires and fire safety to all known affected entities, including Apple Computer, Spectrum cable, bill carriers, banking and credit card companies, et cetera. Since my phone lines had been cut I drove directly to the St Peter's Police dept to make the report in person.

I was concerned not only for my personal safety but for the PUBLIC'S SAFETY as well.

I was so concerned given the breadth, scope, and fire hazard potential of the incident that I insisted the St. Peter's Police dept. file an official report and specified due to the serious public safety and data breach hazard it caused I stated, "I want this on the RECORD."

I also requested to use their phone to call the FBI, due to national security concerns, while emphasizing that the causal agent was unknown and could be due to a cosmic or other cause, as I know little about computer issues/hacking. Their reply, "We don't have the FBI's phone number or a direct line to the FBI"  I said, "Don't you find that problematic?" They showed zero concern and refused to let me use their telephone to report the incident. I must emphasize that I did not indicate nor imply that an intentional or criminal action had occurred, but due to my serious Public Safety concerns I was worried such a breach might lead to people's houses'  being set on fire.

I was asked if it was a computer hacking or cyber crime, and told them a cyber crime I guess as I don't know the difference, they handed me a generic orange photo copied form with the name of the person assigned to the case, I believe it was Wagner or perhaps Smith, could even have been Little, I have original paperwork and photographs for my records. They did not even ask to examine my computer or seem overly concerned.

Evidently Fire safety and possibly serious computer hacking issues do not fall under the St. Peter's Police official job duties or jurisdiction, nor do Serious PUBLIC SAFETY fire hazards.

Evidently my report and community safety concerns offended the department so much that I must have personally insulted them by taking up their valuable time given their initial lack of concern and one officer's poorly veiled animosity.  I called on 2 or 3 other occasions and requested the assigned detective, and oddly enough the phone number I was given was routed to the St. Peter's Community Center where one must push option #2 to reach the police department to report continued issues.

Ironically, making the police report lead to and accelerated further computer as well as continued phone line issues, I also made more than one personal trip to the station, and so on.

Their follow up actions most certainly made an impression.

Evidently the St. Peter's Police were so concerned about Public safety they didn't even bother

to file a report until 4 months later as if it was a last resort, by the way, per their own admission

no report had been filed as of February 2021, and the incident was 'down graded' to a hacking incident, and no investigative actions were deemed necessary. Given my identity theft concerns and the suspicious proximity of my car registration being stolen approximately 2 months later, which I of course reported to the St. Peter's Police, I had serious concerns for my safety. The desk officer who took the report of my stolen registration must have been confused as he informed me that my stolen car registration was not his concern and to call the Dept. of Motor vehicles, who told me absolutely it most certainly was the St. Peter's Police departments duty to file a report and investigate, so I went back to the station and requested them to do so. On a subsequent visit in order to obtain a copy of the initial computer fire hazard hacking as well as the report regarding my stolen car registration I was informed no official report regarding the initial December, 4, 2020 computer hacking/cosmic accident/public safety fire hazard had ever been filed. While there I also expressed to the desk officer that I was worried about identity theft, his reply, "What proof do you have?" Followed by, "Rest assured should any incident or crime occur in your name YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE"

I knew then that reporting anything to the St. Peter's Police Department was a waste of my time.

Did I mention my two children and I almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning in my "car' on the way to visit my Mother's, their Grandmother's deathbed? I mean, per the police departments

firm insistence, the car is registered to Mary Ellison, although I must admit it drives like a car with at least 200 thousand more miles on it and has multiple electrical acceleration and exhaust issues, but oh well, it happens. Oh, did I mention that the DMV records on my 'car', titled in my name per the police, have the wrong purchase date? Ironic don't you think, but hey, people make clerical mistakes, right?Which certainly don't warrant going to the electric chair right?  LOL

I most certainly understand that the St. Peter's Police department has more pressing matters to attend to than mine. I mean, word on the street says the pay there must be good, especially since it's rumored the police chief's car has a special 65 to 75 thousand dollar paint job and those everyday SUV police cruisers are purported to have cost 55 thousand taxpayer dollars each, course they probably get volume discount deals....

I'll be kind and quit here, I mean I don't want to bore anyone with more details.

By the way, I'd like to compliment the police records department personal, they are always professional and friendly, and I mean this sincerely. 

Photo by Mark Timberlake

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