by M. Park, Et. al.

Corporate Greed
Oppression's Tells

Anti-trust laws broken affect more than corporate contractors

Include all professions and workers

Illegal contractors spread Dis-ease and Cancers

Ruin economies. beyond company borders, especially

when paired with mass government collusion/corruption.

Destroy whole nations including fauna, flora, land, sea, and air...

Whole economies ruined by increasing monopolies that destroy innovation and original thought.

Capture artistic expression while killing free speech,

along with the civil rights we've been taught.

From D.C. to States to Communities large and small.

Eventually even Big Cities and Small Towns Fall.

Oppression's 'tells' leave 'tails' and Tales.

Ruining businesses by killing competition and ingenuity

Kills 'the peoples' morale, and their natural immunities.

Civil rights denied, including basic needs and freedoms, are not illusions.

Taking a stand for free speech and standards of honour and truth have become revolutionary.


MMP Publishing
by Mary Margaret Park

The increasingly hostile and retaliatory actions of large corporations against their employees and the governments that allow these actions to continue, whether by inaction or via crafting increasingly 'suspect' legislation to protect said corporate practices, has made the Edward Snowden Scandal even more relevant to the modern day political climate in America, and bares both consideration and re-examination given the current socio-economic crisis' that we as a nation are now facing.

 The Edward Snowden Affair speaks to the current political/corporate climate of today.


It is both striking in its relevance and exemplary of a nation that prefers to sweep its dirt under the rug rather than admit and address its weaknesses, and hence it has put this nation's democracy, its peoples' and their futures in great peril.

While I don't condone mass spying in America or in countries abroad, given the current financial crisis that most nations are facing, and the availability of information technology that crosses multi-national boarders, the situation, although regrettable, isn't surprisng.

  In America we've seen an upsurge in 'white collar crime', and a big business climate that operates more like an oppressive corporate communist state, where its workers are considered expendable if they don't fall in line with whatever corporate culture their particular company espouses too, while these same corporations claims of acting in the best interests of the public, consumers, and the communities they 'serve' are often patently 'false' and/or dubious at best.

I don't know the  particular's surrounding the Edward Snowden debacle, but as an American casualty of a system that was supposed to protect my rights, I can bet, and with a fair amount  of accuracy, about the 'circumstances' that precipitated Mr. Snowden's disclosure, and the subsequent events that forced him to seek asylum in another country.

   The sad reality, in the wake of 9/11, with the obfuscation of the rights and freedoms of an entire nation, even in all its glory, its land, sea, and  the very air its inhabitants breathe, has come under fire, while the controlling stockholders of major corporations and associated entities, security firms,  and their legal representatives have monopolized entire markets, usurped national and international laws, and extended/exerted undue influence in all sectors of society, whether by disregard or omission, and thus have operated their business' with impunity and with a total disregard for society as a whole.

As a result Americans are experiencing the loss of their basic freedoms, and many of those that work for major corporations have experienced and continue to experience increasing oppressive and unsafe work environments, in which corporate policies are used as guide wires to place blame on the employees, and then transformed into hangman's nooses as soon as the corporate CEO's, board members, or C-suite members are caught cheating.

I've grown weary of the mudslinging, and the penchant politicians and corporations have for pointing their fingers in blame not only at the expense of their employees but towards society as a whole.

I suppose there's a method to their madness, anything to avoid accepting responsibility for their own actions, after all, anything will do rather than to address pressing issues as a matter of principle, and thus being held actionable for the 'greater' good.  

Their mantra of 'we will admit no wrong doing' is a testament to their approach, along with their glib 'public relations' assertions of 'following company guidelines to assure the safety of their employees and the public they claim to serve.

Given the prevailing corporate and political atmosphere, where the top 10% have been given a license to steal while largely ignoring 90% of the population, it's no wonder that people like Edward Snowden, along with former and current  corporate  employees, are being persecuted.  The real question is Why? 

I don't think we've seen the end of this, I think the Snowden affair coupled with Enron's government  sanctioned license to steal, marked and accelerated the reality of an era that has celebrated corporate/self-dealing and enrichment via 'representative' government, and debauchery, while persecuting people who've called truth to power, and ultimately brought disgrace to the nation.


The ruling elite and Washington insiders have consistently demonstrated that the people don't even merit the appearance of 'representative' government and acted in a manner that has relegated the constitution to sideline status. It appears that truth, honor, and justice are increasingly optional in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches at both the State and Federal levels, and I'm appalled that the very people tasked with protecting the country have so little regard for it.

Information's use and mis-use has become the 'new currency' in America.


No, I don't appreciate having my privacy invaded, but the Snowden affair has helped to level the playing field, along with a public armed with information and real time cell phone photo footage of public events.


Once the dust settles I'd like to think the emerging picture will be truer to's a new place to start, as well as an opportunity to 'get it right' this time.