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In Loving Memory of Margaret Ann Park

The Rising of the Nations



Upper decks covered with a canopy

of metal girder ridges,

like 'Cat's in a Cradle' yarn images

Bridge safety is a must, heavy grade concrete

and steel lacking maintenance 

produces corrosion and rust,

unsafe for travel, automobiles

and trucks

The highway departments know worn

and fragile

just as builders and engineers know

unsafe from stable

Streets and highways are

concrete sleeves over re-bar;

steel ribbons like fences

buried deep beneath concrete

filled trenches, to re-enforce safety,

is true prevention

On streets, highways, and in buildings

alike, proper building materials

and skilled workmen aren't


or the concrete erodes, is unsafe,

busts and erupts at 

an unstoppable pace

Just as a trained carpenter know's

safe design depends on skilled


And journeymen learn trades in Union

grade Apprentice-ships.

Properly trained, hands-on learning

produces workers who realize

and respect that experienced

workers with training know

"fit" is the best "fix"

There is no future in illegal contracting


when politicians steer contracts for


they produce unsafe "rigs"

Tons of concrete and steel ain't

no joke, and dangerous materials

become hazardous deathtraps

when combined with " 'fixed' 'permit' "


The future of America depends on free

and fair trade

based on skill and true merit,

proper staffing, training, and

experience are


Just as medical jargon doesn't guarantee

competent health care practitioners

Poorly trained HVAC  'professionals'

can't safely fix

air conditioners

Fly by night contractors do more

than steal,

they endanger the Public

Incompetence Kills

Mining for unskilled, cheap, or

free labor a dangerous track

Certified doesn't mean legitimate

or true, when meted out

by corrupt 'officials' 

to 'clap trap' and use

Just as corrupt Missouri regulatory

boards persecute and destroy

genuine health care professionals

registered initials

they negated and perverted

the Hippocratic oath's Vow

"To do no harm"

Corporate communist government

agencies who promote the death 

and demise of competent care

are the antithesis of 

safe and affordable health care

And Illegal contractor's

allowed to go 'off-sides' are

corrupt politician's wearing

'medical's disguise

Stolen 'truths' for lives

aren't substitutes

Incompetence kills

 to reveal their true prize

high stake 'doctored' dollars

for denial of compassionate

care, and the patient's

last will and testament

was denied

basic dignity

and unalienable rights

There is no compromise for quality

bedside manner and compassionate

competent health care 

or access denied

Corrupt corporate/government

price fixed, and rigged bids

steal more than taxpayer dollars..

they kill and dehumanize

Illegal contractors for government

grants fixed

are causal agents of the peoples'

and a true profession's


killing for profit cannot be disguised

or denied 

It's Obvious in all capitalistic

area's abused

Morbidity and Mortality are not

interchangeable or to be confused

To endanger the people and mother nature for profit or at a large corporate/govt and illegal contractor's behest, reveals political and

judicial 'officials' wear criminal vests.

For to kill, maim, and torture the innocent

in order to 'Admit no Wrong doing' shows

up Obvious in your


And coming back after the fact

time after time to torture slander

and libel with intent

Proofed the 'case'


Abuse of power for political game/gain

has put making profits

over common decency, worker safety,

and environmental survival

In order for the top 3-20% richest entitled 'few'

to justify

thievery, enslavement 

promote poverty, inequality, enhance


and human misery


'The big money Game... game for Gain"

The rent seeking rich have

desecrated the living

desecrated the dead

desecrated the land, sea, and air

When the people and the environment can no longer enrich the top 10% or fill the money

changers fists, 

they're Erased, thrown away

like pieces of Garbage

The majority of the people would like

to thank

the Arrogant, Entitled, unarguably Superior


for damn near destroying the entire


The majority of the people agree

with The Streets

The top 10-20% who've

abused their powers

"Proffered nothing as more"


We're better off without you,

The End.

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