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Poetic Musings Paired with the Art of Photography
                                     Insights into the hubris of mankind



Sparrow's of all kinds
House fly or horse fly
does it matter if one's blind?

All kinds of insects, birds, and bees too
serve nature's purpose, just like me and you

Earthworms, centipedes, grub worms, and mill worms too,
aerate the soil for optimum seed depth and germination, it's true

Nature's top soil is immaculate even at its worst, but construction that uproots old trees and removes hillocks and valleys rapes the earth of its natural crust and defenses.

Flat grading land removes natural gradients, minerals, bacteria, in fertile soil, to provide Less than a quarter acre land lots for housing subdivisions----may be a financial goldmine for the builder or other's, but to do so sacrifices more than what's reasonable or prudent, it may even lead to the sacrifice of all 'others'; for the topsoil and natural lay of the land was formed over century's 
'Tis nature's plan

Flood plains that artificially appear unexcused or altered, cause creeks, springs, and riverbeds to be altered 'unknowningly?' as proof.  It's against the law of the land, all State and Federal ordinances/laws to alter any natural waterway's flow, even in miniscule ways, and countries that don't enforce electric, cable, SAT, radio bands, or other 
Alter water's wave forms and current with their secondary hand.

Produce dangerous flooding, with proximity to hot electrical
lines/boxes and wires, and if OUT OF CONTROL
may cause electrocution HAZARDS Unknown, undesired.

All electrical and wave forms exert influence on one another.  If the water draining from your bathtub or toilet doesn't circle right, then the drain pipe to sewer isn't sunk deep enough.
Or adjacent electric, or wifi, or other systems may exert undue influence on waters' passage 'rights'.
If the rainwater or sewer and rain contains hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbons and high acid rains, that can smother all things, plants, trees, insects, animals, and air, and high concentrated acid rain, if pronounced pulls Nitrogen from the soil, to kill trees and plants to produce blights and rusts.

Soil Ph's are extremely important, and when soil Ph's grow too acidic 6-8 inches below ground, the plant roots starve out and die, even those in 50 foot trenches....

While tender new shoots and leaves, of all kinds end up with acid burns, or diseases from extreme alkalai.

Living trees along with vegetation, of all kinds, don't just convert
carbon dioxide to oxygen, they prevent rapid water evaporation from soils, slow water run off, and decrease Erosion.

We must take a stand for enforcement of proper (environmentally restorative, friendly) easements, sewer, tap water safety, and building codes too.
Over-building, especially commercial grade, alters normal soil with water's too rapid flow rate. And too much concrete in many ways varied, is especially pronounced by commercial real estate ventures, that boast huge
parking lots, if improperly drained, cause high speed high volume water run off, erosion, and flooding disasters.

Community Mayors and representatives too, did their best to enforce sane/safe zoning laws to prevent massive environmental damage at the $money changers and monopolists behest, but corrupt Federal and State legislatures gutted those laws in order to facilitate
LINING THEIR POCKETS at the govt's (taxpayers) cost
without a SINGLE CARE for the price paid by Natural Habitats, land, sea, animals, and air, along with lack of proper sewage, chemical, and water
THE PLANET IS SICK and dying, at the Behest of financiers', WALL STREET, CORRUPT CORP/GOVT and Local CON MEN.
Who've deliberately hidden the truth from the masses in regards to environmental catastrophes.

Between wildfires, floods, animal wasting disease, thievery, human and plant disease at mass genocide proportions....
Evidently the very air we breath has been commodotized.

Demand experienced and adequate staffing plus budget for all
regulatory and remediation resources, (this does NOT include criminal policing, penal codes, fake cop shops, nor is it an excuse to throw more innocent people into prison or deny them proper medical care, and I mean this PERSONALLY), 
Along with paying a fair living wage to workers and farmers of course, and many more.

NO More Jet airplanes, or corporate killing field Hotels, hazardous workplaces, or killer hospitals will be allowed, we're on a tight budget, for crying out loud, but some things cannot be reduced to monetary units, like the ability to breath quality air and eat quality food, and live in a safe home, the Earth we depend on is PRICELESS, nothing else can thrive
or live if we destroy her.

If Mother Earth can't grow trees, healthy crops, or be surrounded by healthy air to breathe, then it was all over before it really started in 2003.

All hands to "battle" stations,
we don't mean shooting or blowing up for destruction, we mean all experienced and those willing to learn under competent apprentice-ships or guidance, all peoples, from all walks of life must be allowed not only to get together to find solutions but MUST be allowed to take prudent actions immediately (not chaos, but well thought out and approved by the majority)

We're OUT of TIME, 2012 March was the "Deadline", red line, all international communities are working with us and in their home countries as well.

Taking positive action is NOT Optional, Our very existence depends on it. And Civil rights, dignity, and decency, and respect for all that lives as well as respecting all ages, the dying, and dead must be a given.


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