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by Mary Margaret Park
MMP 11/2002

                     SORROW'S CIRCLES

It is the rhyme of reason

and the reason of rhyme

That tows the line

yet knows no time

It is the some days' child

and the child 'someday'

that mends the breach

with 'hopes' to teach

that sparkles moonbeams

beyond the beach

whilst runners roll in the cold


to herald memories beyond

their reach

in bloodied souls that Tangiers


So tomorrow's foals could

dream in peace

and have the 'right' to

walk 'unleashed'

or fly in the air

beneath their feet

with wings upon their

tender 'feat'

while tending crops

and sowing seeds

To spread the love

for ''all ones' needs

beneath the seas

and on the streets

For all the days

in every day

to pave the way

for better days

for ''every' day

in all the days

for better days

for better days...


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