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   Artist   Paul Blenkhorn  

                             Practitioner of the Healing Arts

Gamma 156

Phi 16


Paul Blenkhorn is a Manchester (UK) based artist who has been working in the field of sensory stimulation since the 1980’s. Much of his work has been in developing computer-based systems to visually attract/interact with profoundly disabled children. He has a long history of developing programs/art to help the handicapped, especially children with stimulatory or visual issues.

“My work in sensory stimulation started in the 1980’s when I was a Research Fellow at the Research Centre for the Education of the Visually Handicapped where I worked with many schools and hospitals to explore how we could stimulate profoundly disabled children (with a visual impairment) using images and animations on a computer screen.The results were sometimes remarkable and I have continued this work ever since."


Tides of Time Poem

by Mary Margaret Park


the tide

whispers and glides upon the shore

edged in antique lace

whisper and glide

whispered tides

carried away by memories



we are the gate’s keepers

the trailblazers of each moment

mentoring the next generation

and so another day passes

another’s days passage

carried away by the memories



we are the promise keepers

the last hurrah of a family legacy

remembering our loved ones

brother, father, and sister

friend lover minister

carried away by the memories



we’ve witnessed era’s end

our notions fall

like autumn leaves

the season is changing

seasons forever changed

carried away by memories

The Twilight Hours

by Mary Margaret Park


In the twilight hours

Of an unmeasured day

She struggles

Against the hollow tide

That beats her heart


In a melancholy riptide

Of soulless sadness

A beauty as real and fleeting

As phosphorescence




At this moment

Yet fragile

A lace curtain


By the wind


This buried treasure

Graces her halls


Like liquid gold

Through her soul



Never captured

It soars

Over the horizon

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