We must elevate and treat the elderly with honour and respect, instead they are often out of sight, sometimes forgotten, often tucked away in nursing homes or separated from the societal mix that makes up this world and sadly seems to elevate the youthful view of the world to a 'godly' level.

Make a Point to visit (unannounced if possible) a nursing home, I'm betting you'll make a new friend or few, and if you're lucky enough to find someone interested in conversing with you that has a great appreciation of learning, you'll either learn something new, or a new way of looking at something you 'thought' you already knew. In the process you'll gain invaluable insights. The elderly have made vast contributions to society over whole lifetimes, and carry with them great knowledge, tempered by decades of living experience.  

A wisdom that cannot be obtained by reading history books.


Their perspectives are time honoured 'in time', not just static accounts of moments in time, the elderly are living, breathing history books in the making, and as such are truer guages of the current times/events we live in relative to the past and pertinent to the here and now. They have both a larger field of living experience to look at things through, and also have a wider lens of perspective with which to view it from. 

Image by Amy Humphries
Image by Philipp M.
Image by Cristian Newman
Image by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe


March the beat of my feet

on my street, any street

see 'the' meet

in your neighbourhood street

Where new friends are made

where boy scouts play

where best girl friends parlay

their dresses for fairytale day

Look up at the trees

the flowers too

they're part of me

they're part of you

We're all part of

the neighbourhood view