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Photo by Elijah Austin Unsplash


Photo by Max Bender Unsplash

by M. Park, Et. al.

Uptown Daisies


Downtown Maybe's

if you please

Country bumpkins

never ruled out rhyme

they'd rather sing and tap in time

Pansey's peril

cold as ice

She'll hard frost over

ever clear, even


Birches bushes conifer's tunes

Pinesap roils in coldest plumes

Pine rows, wind breaks

on farmers land

protecting crops

nature's pefection...


Country lanes arrive on dirt roads

Kind to deer, and lark, and toad

Honeysuckle vines so wild

line old roads for country miles

Their sweetest centers perfume the land

Their white bonnets bow down

 to bugs and birds

A purr of 'hummers' and other herds

to pollenate and grace our crops

with bountiful harvests to share and shop

Bayou's flow in rainy seasons

like paddle boats through river towns

Dangerous waters oft reign nigh

for plow and hearth and you and I

Rock of ages, rock of gold

river rocks and bluffs don't take notes

they speak of ancient tides 

long ago

Past kingdoms for naught were never better

Nature's blush

Nature's sweater



always better

Pearls Before Swine

Park, Et. al.

Past Kingdoms for naught

never better

Today's rich have formed miserly's market

they parse land, divide, into tenement housing

to parlay favour over innercity crowding

Section-8 benefits the miserly monied

tax defered grants the nastiest tax haven

using tax payer dollars to ensnare, enslave

and refrain and entrain us

Nevermind their newer blend, just more pretend

financial instruments they call 'shares'to hide

stockaides of debt 

packaged pretty, preferred


newest pets 

weighted dice aren't Baccarrat bets

just users and con men 'fuelin' their jets

the masses know better, surely you jest

Compton heights knows you ain't got no standards


shear takes

Insider trading only enriches fake' 'fur' collars

hyperinflated American dollars for C-suite executive slave owners

Junk bond dealers ain't fancy smancy

just Havard mouths promoting stolen goods

they're trying to offset with sky high priced foods and highway robbery

price gouging

with utilities


and consumer's cloaked as goods

Breadlines don't lie to the majority of the classes

The top 5 to 10 percent income brackets

are the raquets five and diming the poor for riches

Don't take no snitches, ditch diggers know ditches

You ain't foolin them

and you ain't never fooled the hood

America's got a live audience

watching rich politicians line up to 'beg' for big corporate counsels

that raid and steal our workers hard earned cash like chattels

Paragons of demoncracy stake and steal from their only official cash cow currency, the tax payers dollars

as they joke and use the illegal immigrant and working classes to fuel their highflyer no flight zone passes.

These stockbroker stealers cash 'poor'

corporate lawyers staking claims on "legal" perversions power

their paramount ponies

judiciary's phony's

Their heresay enslaves along with rules to delay the masses

Perfidity's presence the powerful's perverse notion of 'a fair field day'.

Deflations cow has come to stake its claim on high octane power brokers aliasing political claims in household names as they exclaim, "Oh no, not now, we mustn't pay in deflations name.


Better finish killing off the other classes first flame for fame, that familiar activity should quench our thirst, even though dealing blood diamonds couldn't staunch the capitalistic stench.


The stench of 'hour' white collar inhumane corporatized, politicized abuses of power, stock or sell, stockade intel if it reveals loansharking to ramshackle current and former employees who dare say had the fundicity to take a stand against our slander and libilis anti-characterization.

For public relations sake character assassination dues our duece coupe whole in one.

We'll do the dance and do-se-doe not hand to mouth but mouth to toe/tow our corporate capitlalist aspirations to quantify and qualify the thievery of nations to justify and hide oppression's waves  beneath our superior, deceitful rage's claim to fame,

to kill free speech,

cast it asunder beneath our thunderous roar of plunder,

"We will admit no wrong doing, we will admit no wrong doing...."

Their siren song

Oppression's Tale

This Tale foretells the triavail of greed's grief

 Their euphamisms pre-date 1800's turn of the century enslavement deeds into more palpitable terms of 'sale' to slide past the masses they'll say its for a good cause, a charitable reason, while misinforming families of by omission of neglect/impovrishment of bedside manor to deny 'the 'terminally' ill and elderly of their fundimental rights to exercise their living free will, with deliberate misclassifications to feed their gluttonous 'fused' foundations with taxpayer coffers medical dollars doctored.

Their 'forget-me-not' to bind high treason to

increase, replace, remove their ante up and over treason's bounty to enrage, entrap, encage in rents, then kill and fence.

In murdering the helpless there is NO Defense.

Oppression's Tell,

They proferred 'nothing' as more. then stold the wrong person's literary mind, to tie and bind her survivorship's wrights

Now theirs is a perilous plight, in flight from the masses

She'll always have her Mother's facets, in Christ's tones she was raised

Her freedom chimes reside in fields of gold

in hoe and spade, in old oak trees resplindent shades in ages tried and true with ancient bark and burel-hued with the YOU in youth

Verily and Truly Signatures too

The Southern Bells toll

At atoll sounds tall

and belltone brightness 'en blanc' and bleu

For to be in tune

is to be a loom

a loom of time

a loom of rhyme

a loom of bloom

a loom le plume

a loom la mesa

me casa es su casa

Veritas en Chopins


La luna looms

in silverlinings

her Deadly nightshade

silver lightening

Her sough and sigh

rolls in thunder

never plunder

We are the tide's of time

and times tide's

administored not

nor ministered too

we tide in the unknowns 

in exponential tones

in the mystery of muse

in passion root

in passion's fruit

We are all that is

or ever was

We are....

what will be will be

and it will be 'just'

tis a loom of tides

at times of depth

tis a loom of doom

of life and death

tis an SOS

To Press!

Oppression's tells

the rebel yell of the masses

To Press

To Press

The typesetters indicate


aren't preset 


Newstead in-stead

decades of old news boys and hacks imprinted


their expressions

heed caution

Mary's literal expression

of a duty to warn

was right

red light max

red light


the editors express 

news of noose stand owners

customs best

(not costume)

editors express

last wills and testaments

in printed


to the Tell Tell Hearts imprinted


of leaving living wills

lasting impressions

truth's expression

veracity seeks seas/sees true