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by M. Park, Et. al.

Uptown Daisies


Downtown Maybe's

if you please

Country bumpkins

never ruled out rhyme

they'd rather sing and tap in time

Pansey's peril

cold as ice

She'll hard frost over

ever clear, even


Birches bushes conifer's tunes

Pinesap roils in coldest plumes

Pine rows, wind breaks

on farmers land

protecting crops

nature's pefection...


Country lanes arrive on dirt roads

Kind to deer, and lark, and toad

Honeysuckle vines so wild

line old roads for country miles

Their sweetest centers perfume the land

Their white bonnets bow down

 to bugs and birds

A purr of 'hummers' and other herds

to pollenate and grace our crops

with bountiful harvests to share and shop

Bayou's flow in rainy seasons

like paddle boats through river towns

Dangerous waters oft reign nigh

for plow and hearth and you and I

Rock of ages, rock of gold

river rocks and bluffs don't take notes

they speak of ancient tides 

long ago

Past kingdoms for naught were never better

Nature's blush

Nature's sweater



always better

Photo by Max Bender Unsplash
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