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Nest moss 

soaked with rain

and the smell of loam

puddles along my walkway

grow into miniature marshlands

bedraggled blades of grass

poke their heads above the waterline

a backyard rendition

in the subdued Cajun rhythms 

of Bayou La Croix




grey reflections

scattered in shadows 


nature’s silhouettes

in greyscale gatherings

trail off like crowds

at events end

random and rag tag

they grow small in the distance

like tumble down fences

along country lanes.

Laissez-faire aptitude

Out of control

Cool blue persona

so jazzy, in vogue


classical euro-cat  

playing a neon breeze

sashaying the notes 

in an arpeggio tease


irresistible tune-man

stroking the ladies

his tones, silky smooth

turning No’s into maybes


finessing the ladies

with vibrant tones

stroking their ego’s

calling them home


struttin’ on stage

lookin’ for fame

notes full of verve

changing the game




       delicate notes

spieling his life


bills and chores

the mundane


got his roots 


in lazy replay


a trifle of fools gold 

is a glib talkin’ man’s dream

glimmering shimmering

mirages and schemes


wanted and welcome

on center stage

is he building a future

or a cage full of rage


in limelight times lie

trading places and faces

for whatever’s in season

these pondering plights

pastimes of reason


in all that is new

it’s redemption we share


rhymes in contempt

rhymes in disgrace

the mirror reflects

the truth on his face



the balance is falling…..


rivers of opportunity

lay fallow with gold

obsessions to seize

or the lies you behold?

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