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A Tainted Picture?

Updated: May 4, 2022

A wall of police on a U.S. city street

the pain of yesteryear does not dissipate

upon a bed of coals

on dark roads

shadow's tarry

to steal nature's best

her green and gold(s)

Is the picture pretty?

worth a thousand words?

If tainted by another/others?

a mere memory?

a faded blur?

If the picture's out of focus

we foster hope in past and future frames

for to be forsaken in time's presence

scatters memories into grays

In the chaos of our minds

we look for better days

and hope the sun's forbearance

parts the darkness to show its rays

to reminisce o'er family photos

is a true delight

for trips down memory lane

keep us connected

our souls from mortal blight

one looks forward to the future

wellsprings of emotion run both ways

for it is our forward motion

that marks our time(s) in vibrant colors

a sable brush

to paint all days

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