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America For Sale Poem

America For Sale

poem by Mary Margaret Park

it is in the fall of truth

and in the flight of reason

America’s trapped

in a capitalist cage

the lackeys in Washington

have taken center stage

there’s a huge power auction

up on capital hill

the constitution downsized

for government swill

the politics of excess

dictate the rules

our paragons of democracy

court jesters and fools

it’s rumored the oval office

has a currency theme

stock trading symbols

against dollar bill green

America’s stock markets

move to an elitist sway

the everyman majority

rarely comes into play


is a super sonic wave

our economy falling

swept into its wake


is long past its prime

in this cyclone of change

we must evolve to survive

the nation’s burdened by

big brothers beat

we’re slaves in a box

of corporate deceit

it is in government corruption

that democracy falls

it is the selling of America

that steals the future for us all

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