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turn on a dime

slap backs and greenbacks

they’re robbing you blind

Enron beginnings

etched in the sand

with tacit impunity

they shape the land

fat cat opportunists

seize the dollars decline

to downsize and justify

the end of overtime

they’ll exploit you

use you

run you into the ground

keep the money coming

or they’ll take you down

they’ll cry foul

if you’ve got dirt on your hands

but your sales are slipping so

they’ve taken a stand

CEO’s and CFO’s are

the prophets of greed

selling out the working

class in order to succeed

Liberty in America

where we get a paltry wage

it’s the new world order

where we’re free to be slaves

the working people lose

in the corporation wars

its their boardroom motto

and we are their whores

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