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The Un-Declared War Poem by Mary Margaret Park

sucking up futures

with slot machine wiles

pop go the weasels

with painted on smiles

our congress sold out

to big bidders in suits

we’re choking and gasping

our heads in their noose

keepers of fortunes

that we’ll never know

purveyors of privilege

and grifters of gold

Clinton, Bush, or Obama

who cares?

like Iraq’s WMD’s

they’re not really there

insurance brokers are

in bed with the Fed

drug makers and bankers

line up to give head

the middle class dying

one tax at a time

as cash cow elitists fleece

their pockets of dimes

economies reeling

weakened and frail

we’re dialing for dollars

in hegemony hell

higher gas prices

the lesson of crude

as OPEC’s fists tighten

on what’s left of the loot

the dollar is pitching

and yawing with debt

corrupt politicians

the real terrorist threats

we’re middle class citizens

in an undeclared war

upscale Americans are

the new working poor

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