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Unsheltered Poem


We stand unsheltered

As the clock ticks away the minutes

Time is short

Forgiveness divine

in the scarred and lonely places of pain

We do not reason

Here; an amplified sense of all that ails the spirit dwells

As the shadows of all our days grow longer

Will we rejoice?

Or have regret for wasting each sincere second of truth

As if authenticity were a blinding light to obscure our vision

We turn away from reason

All men live in an altered state…each truth is a different


Our seconds shaped by those that came before us

Eternal bliss or damnation?

The simple choice becomes impossible for some…

To live free of angst or to walk the paths of a happier existence…

Twisted perceptions the bane of existence, distorted lenses that shape the way we view the world and those around us.

We’ve arrived to a different future

Unable to escape our pasts.

Wisdom is earned; a crown of thorns

Some refuse to wear it

Because their pain is too great

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