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Downtown St. Louis Missouri

Indelible Ink's Empress

Pondering Pilots

jump through the air

never happy but full of despair

why so much misery in the air?


Signs of the times

pondering rhymes

or absence of honour

the "others" think fine

Truth is no joke

but a necessity you sea

Even a blind man's sight

is better than what's seen

To feel is to know another man's plight

 Perhaps that of societies faltering sight?

There are no 'tokens' for Grace

The man with no honour

is a tragic disgrace

The mirror reflects the truth on his face

A damsel in distress

calls for a true man of honour

Where have they gone?

Kidnapped by dis-trust?

or held down by cruel people who

view truth with disgust?

What will we do

when the US drops back

into a cesspool that preaches "distract"?

How do we address domestic matters

at hand?

If corruption has come to rule and demand?

How do we affect change in a positive


If our choices are engendered by corporate agendas that claim their omissions

aren't infractions but wyndoms?

Where do we turn when debauchery

rules their call?

Stockbrokers $ is the economies fall

Shell corporations a 'fools' crystal stall

When in truth Labour markets depend on us all

Open your eyes

the shallows aren't roofs

but mirrored distortions

that belie 'copper' cherry roots

Where do we turn to find justice for all?

Not to the 'great' halls of hypocrisy's


masquerading their riches for stolen


The answerts we seek lie in truth's

of real time

'Misery's' misfortunes a totalitarian state need not determine our community's fate

Look all around you 

rule out no one's life story or plight

Lift up the hurt and oppressed 

'Soothsayers' of lies blight truth

Their landfalls of treason are killing our youth

We must take a stand against abuses

of power

Unite and insist on principles of honour

A bell tolls

at Atoll sounds

The Prince of Tides

opens hearts and minds

the truest prints are pressed

indelible inks empress


genuine impressions

Veracity seas true

St. Louis Arch and skyline, photo by Brittany Butler unsplash
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