by M. Park Et. al.

Mist, Missed, or Lynched?

It matters, causal agency and degree

A political economists dream

A "set" it seems

Undefined, offset, parenthesis, unrefined

First order operations in-"sets"/unfair for forfeit

Familial "elect-trick" trees

static corrosion

brain erosion

missing memories, Shadrach's poison

an over-promoted taser's notion

to blindside the peoples' motion

Blue lines are Blue, neither true nor false

Bad "cops" contracted as corporate steads

Could be impostors or sanctioned thieves

that prefer to deceive in 'taxpayers' cruisers,

do they patrol to protect?

Or troll to 'subject'/test' or for"subjects"

Corporate "forces" could be blue cohorts  

 Or abused government "tools" to confuse

the peoples youth, the majorities "truths"

Or illegal contractor's truer prize 

the elderly and isolated

blind to criminal's disguise

Pandemics contribute, isolate the sick 

Con's bait, steal, and switch

to confuse, extract personal details

drain bank accounts, convert titles, price gouge, over bill

These cheap "suits" suit 'crewel' white collar groups that abuse

their actions

"excused" oft in  media news

their official position

to obtain restitution

for the innocent victims

The people know better

the usual political renditions

absent true action

 today's "justice" oppositions "excuse",

absent "just" action,

is a political tradition

abuse is"inaction"

These powerful posers no better than the previous generations KKK

All dolled up in 'fancy' pants, taking oft self-righteous stances

promoting constitutional romance for political finances

Mediocre slogans treating the workers and classes like tokens

Euphemisms  used an obvious hoax aren't jokes to most

Today's potential swastika, arrogant fools using people as tools

to distract, entrap, enrage, engage, and depose, without donning their "robes"

Financial markets perversion

C-suite executives, and owners

denying their monopolies versions

Cartoon characters shouldn't make demands

they're villainous jokers who ignore and pretend

Incarceration, quotas for pay

legislative adventures for judicial centers

the new executive's contracted terms; tenured

Citizen and immigrant civil rights often ignored as phony

Akin to Middle Eastern tales of death by stoning

America's domestic decline

Brought to you by politicians so fine

Take a stand, 
We the People, by the people, for the people

protect the land, sea, animals and air

To Be 'Just' is Too Be Fair