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Upon the misty vail there rides

a splintered golden dream

where horses run and play

the wildest rarely seen

the truth of our existence

matters little to the rich

but to those of humble origin

it's upon the 'post' upon the 'hitch'

in olden days of cowboy towns

the swank lived in ranches bleu

while hillbillies lived in ramshackle shacks

but held on to truth as true

the dueling music of the time

as pretty as a newborn rhyme

or the trees along the Rhein

or ones' favorite valentine

the answers that we seek today

are no simple feat

but with peoples rising to unite

we'll ascend together, finally meet

                             by Park, Et. al.

upom the prairie winds there rides

oer' a thousand family trees

just as forrest floors become

Autumns' fallen leaves

in the future's past and present

dwells an ancient seed

to sow the best of all that is

to heal the wounds that bleed

one nations' call

a desperate cry

yet, not alone it dwells

for all countries mourne their dreams

 when other nations fail

a gilded age of gluttony

and the arrogance of "climb"

a corporitized monopoly

to hide their crimes behind

the four horseman have risen nigh

to have their final say

the apogee of greed for power

a blazing scream foretold of doom

power vacuums full of strife

rode the final waves

their crest a sojourned flight

trading plague for people's days

mere trinket-lining for their pockets

as scores of people died

along with death and destitution

as hungry children stand in lines

claiming 'fair' days for Faraday's warning

their legacy defined

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