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 MARY M. PARK, Et. al.



impossible letter

killing each other

invincible fools

irascible rules


money’s the byword

charlatans paint

all losers no winners

nothing’s the same


the usual culprits

lay dying in mass

their ticket’s punched out 

they’ve lost their free pass


the igloo of ice storms

arctic passages closed

histories dying

the man’s got no clothes


the ivy of leagues

a dying nations last gasp

international help

gone with the blast


Icarus was leading

he’s fallen to fools

his friends all lay dying

his school boys

are mules


The end of economies

lie in dead ends

the winners are losers

they make demands

foregoing humility

by forging amends


To steal a person’s


is a terrible thing

but to devalue his

work It’s his soul you have claimed


The dead have risen

brought forth rivers of gold

the moneychangers nightmare

is no fortuitous fool


instead they now face

the hellfire of masons

the forgotten masters

have reclaimed their stations


a tridents fool

is to forecast and delight

while robbing the people

of their parietal rights


Their laws so illegal

invalidate all

the new rules of  nations

bare natural laws


The tides will return to the

silver moon’s resonance

Artesian wells were never

meant to be stolen

The Ingot in Ivy lost his way long ago

in 43 or 44? but really who knows?


The majority awaken when

being stolen blind

with crude realizations         

that it’s “cruel to be kind”                                                           





when our youths are stolen 

the cruelest of divisions 

the truest of truths

become mothers decisions


A woman’s sword is

the pain that she bears

children used as pawns 

assaulting their years


Her hardships may ‘lesson’

but she. was never stupid enough

to believe stealing from others

could sustain any truths


A penal nation

will fall to its knees

lies destroy innocence/innocents

the travail of greeds/grief


But one man’s truth may

not be another’s

George Floyd’s public execution

woke all nations all colours


To oppress is to enslave

by denial of rights


one cannot deny omissions

by granting permissions

like insisting that day 


on night’s commissioned omission


peace is finally in reach


the gluttonous few

the bait for the masses

 they gambled with another’s  money

lost time after time


stole the wrong person’s

literary time


The Black book now open

secrecy lost

the big men in politics

thought they won absent cost


now there’s no entry

into fancier schools

but no exit either

for fortuitous fools

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