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electronic mail

information tidbits zipping 

through cyberspace

our inboxes their final destination

where they clamor for attention


a frenzy of incoming data

a wreck of garbled messages

whole strings of them

cluttering our inboxes




in que?

or on cue?

invisible wires

intractable networks

the children knew

the web’s mystery was massive

a predator's maze of delights

underestimated by many for 'naught' all...

jackpots oft the undiscovered, 

the unknowns, the anonymous?

or the Laissez-faire aptitudes for attitudes'

                         status quo


for a time folks used 3rd party phone lines, 

you never knew who was listening

operators or neighbors,

didn’t matter,

you watched your

P’s and Q’s


‘s  copper wrapped onto spools

electronic 'fools'

but time moves on

thread spools became bobbins for sewing machines

replacing hand sewn, embroidery, and crewel work was

relegated to 'junk status'


then large copper wire spools were repurposed for tables for the 'Twist'

"Please Sir, can I have some more?

social interactions became fewer

fading, like memories of season’s past

physical interactions, once so common




Computers Covid's Isolation,

we’re here

but not there,

missed physical embraces

social courtesies and grace hidden behind

plague masks

       lost smiles


new modes of thought and operation

faster, more efficient, the here is now,

barista’s like coffee,

'answers' are 'instant'

 data systems, with too much to tell

Alvin Toffler's 70’s futurist Future Shock  revealed

social discourse losing to sexual innuendo’s

like secret notes/nodes  


separated by oceans or degrees, does it signify?

significant or


it matters

inboxes crowded with dozens of emails the plight

of the 'economy sized'  age 

dozens of them clamoring 'fore' attention

along with

precious jewels bearing news from Friends and Family,

friend for foe

foe for friend?

poor or rich

in unfathomable bits

altered allerations


artificial intelligence

too much  


dis-information as/or


'fore' information

information overload

in a sea of misdirection

the ponderer's plight

the Librarian's right

she knows better

The press

The press


in printed form

editors express


the typesetter's


aren't preset, 

customs' (not costume)

the best

Mary Margaret Park  MMP Publishing


Fecking Rude People

got no one's beat

the game is control

speciality's to deceive

Computer screens

hell box scenes/seams

To distract and glue another's dreams

After saturation, increase 'glare'

to program attitudes is easy fair

The A List texts in 'IT"

Objects loud their 3D

Nothing but headaches

No crowds to. please

Hidden notions, on your Television

Manufactured x-ray vision

Sickly 1940's subliminal's child's  play

Compared. to elect-trick cattle cars of today

Push. a button, 1,2,3.

Practiced lessons to deceive

habitual actions buried deep

motor skills a rich man's jinx

Thought without. action, thought of the day

Megalomaniacs methodical haze

Corporation's mediocrity danger's daze

He watches and times reactions actions

but that's obsolete, like to resist for redaction

Piles of data, so many subjects to observe

We know nothing of them, but computer's 'nerves'

We also know a sidecar trickster

We're the 'circus' so watch out 'mister'

Gotta 'Luv" electronics absurd tools

We call them abject distortion 'fools'

We've all been guilty of falling for those electron traps

Auchtung,, high voltage ain't so bad

compared to radonic cycles that roll high speed "rollar coasters"

But the A list entitled don't give a damn

Just another 3-mile island to them

These aren't Mother Goose Fairy Tales friends, they're Grim

Engrave Danger

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