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Principles of Honour Inn                       Universal Rhyme


for Roy


the tide ebbs and flows

drawn by the princess moon

and time stands by


in a cascade of silver hues


men’s dreams rise and fall

upon the fearless wind

as years steal the 


from the hours they have to spin


if notes are word and deed

the song of tomorrow is in its creation

and the prize lies its composition

and the rising of the nations


the lives of sea and sky

are tethered by the air

our eyes contrive horizons

our minds believe are there


in ground

the image seen is reality in bleu.               

from eyes of truth we’ve seamed

and so it is we sea

the forced forgeries of our perceptions 

have come to school our dreams


the mind oft fooled by his visage 

one of repudiation

the stolen frames of mind

cannot be forsaken

they remain alive

in the rising of the nations


for thee 

no anvil strikes

the ancient's swords are forged anew

the freedom chimes are ringing truth


liberty resides  

in this solicitude of mine

to wax poetic is to dwell 

with the philosophers through time

the principles of honour lei in our universal rhymes

European timeline

a dapper man clad in plaid

not his favourite

    but it rhymes


Britain was it?

You spent some time



a busy street

not jammed with traffic 

more like a hodgepodge

a green rumble seat, 

a suitcase jutting jauntily from it

a young woman stands near

her dark hair in curls beneath her ear

Everyone moved slower then

appreciating the beauty of the scene

like the young woman

framed against the car

She carries her beauty

with the trifling of youth


The Neighbourhood City

shops family owned businesses

brownstone row houses, mostly

An Italian restaurant-bakery

and a Deli advertising "Get your Hoagies, For Free Here!"



The people reside sparse

so it isn’t crowded

mostly it is like snapshots  

people in vive’

Not posed

 I mean, full of life


It feels a bit like the people

have just come home, all at once

like when church gets out

but the tone

is more serious

like soldiers

on weekend leave


The people in cars, pass by


some carrying on conversations

with their neighbours in the streets

There’s an old woman leaning

out of a second story window

she’s beating a rug to death

to freshen it up

She smiles

even as she works

stopping once in a while

to wave or call out

to the people below her. window


Life is in the air

Melodic voices, with beautiful

elongated vowel sounds

These are the unique songs of Britain

 like leaves rustling

across another continent


You my friend, breathe in the sights

and sounds

The atmosphere is full of possibility

For the poet, photographer,

and for the political radical, who

doesn’t think himself so

Ah, you carry the beauty of youth

with liberal mind

You are that man, especially now. 

Aged to perfection

open mind

open heart

A True Scholar

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