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   White Squaw Line 


                 Rhythm's Rhyme

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Grosse Pointe Advantage

 By Mary Margaret Park, et al.

tricked out swindler

panning for gold

grosse pointe advantage

to challenge the soul


a river of diamonds

a shield and a guide

truths left unspoken

and matters denied


pony traditions

to race is to gain

constructs and notions

to bolster and blame


the stage is the set

and the set is the stage

the glibbest of answers

flow and persuade


a tithe for the con   

no need to explain

oil derrick's the capture

while he laughs with disdain


in situ abstraction

no rules for the fey

artistic renditions

was the potter the clay?


a cheap suit that panders

to further his claims

deny or object

and he’ll further your pain


the bait of attraction

a glittering ghost              nuanced  distraction

 to allude and depose                               

a bird in a bush

to love and adore

the hands of ‘advantage’

always score more


the ice has grown thin

on the crossroads of time

the profits of plunder

grow pale, unrefined.              

in the absence of honour

lust rules the man

the purest of power

bloodies his hands


to elude and betray

is a frivolous mask

a coward’s redaction  blackmails his past  


to betray and ensnare

a torturous dream

a coward’s assassin

a predator's means


security alludes

the tamest of men

the greater the lie

the smaller the pen.    

by Mary Margaret Park 

we are yin and yang


forever bound


our paths have crossed in a zenith of yesterdays

our triumph no greater than the joy and pain 

that carried us wayward 

and to this destination


we seek peace from our tattered thoughts

warriors sent to vanquish the eyes of sorrow

shaped in the image of one another

we are dazzling reflections in a dark sea


and so another year has passed

and we have endured 

the bizarre notion of our union

has faded into  profess 'your'


and we’ve cast the ‘what if’s’ aside


             bound forever

                      we are                                       timeless



by Mary Park et al.

Coiled steel


A see-saw

of blind devotion/rage


a legacy

expressed in


each letter outlined

in pain





altered in meaning

polished to beguile

black holes

of misdirection



in the wind he blows

in the white grey rage

of a desolate land


a man of depth

and gentle spirit


and so she listens

within the tempest of her heart

to bare this soul of knowing

by Mary M. Park et al.

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