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From moth to flame

This urban child's mettle

has farmer's hands and Scruples too

'Fore' public Safety's measure

 does NOT preclude

 A Fire Escape

Hospitality includes a 'metol' T-square 'fore' two

From clove's to hooves

a ripe Reply

The Evenstar shines

from darkest nights

From 'dew' filled skies

the beggar cried

His greenest grass

an Earthen bride

Her thirst denied

Her truth's denied

She nearly died

The oldest spark

the deadest flame

declined; t'was another's



the times

The menace of men 'lies' within

their Accords; 'folly's' whim

The Ladies of the NILE have no 'measure'

Mother Nature's truest treasure(s)

Beauty in motion; are/our spirits unfettered

Creative 'sparks' rise and fall

The winds of change remain

for all

to rest in PEACE, time honors' pause

An Earthen bride so scorned

Has no sorrow for mortal men

Yet, endless are her tears

that herald far beyond

Epochs' countless years

"Nul et non avenu"


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