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Cast in grey scale

The City Winds as impossible to measure as

"The Windy City"

Wind Chills' Expression spans through

the Atmosphere's of time's measures.

The Lady of the Lake

has No Mercy

Her Northern Shores unrestrained by

Chicago's Boardwalk

The City's Boardwalk, Pretty as a Postcard,

offers no protection from deadly Exposure

Lake Michigan's Winter Winds pay no heed

to the scantily clad Division 

that divides her shores from 

Chicago's in-famous Skyline

The "Windy City's" Chill is rumored

to extend her long reach

of heavenly-Hell far beyond her borders

all the way up to 'Capital Hill'

Winter Kills

In cold blooded degrees

As Hard to differentiate as Grey-scales

City Wind Chills

Just as Winter Winds leave lasting Impressions

Death resonates beyond Time's Tides

Winter's Tempest transcends

Mercury's (mm/hg) thermal measure

Death from exposure transcends time

and place.

She resides in the very atmosphere we breath

Chicago's board...

walks in

uneasy strides 

between Lake Michigan

and the City'Skyline

City buildings Rise in uneven

vertical blocks.

The night sky above

checkered in Upside Down

Elevator Shafts

The City's Streets; Concrete Corridors

lined in mirrored glass, concrete, and steel..

that stop and start in timed sequence at

Street Corner's Intersections

Signals are cast in Red, Yellow.

and Green Reflections

Inner City Expressions

Frigid Winter Winds

A Bridge Over the River Kwai

Death in degrees

Over Exposure

Winter Kills

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