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It is the rhyme of reason

and the reason of rhyme

That tows the line

yet knows no time

It is the some days' child

and the child 'someday'

that mends the breach

with 'hopes' to teach

that sparkles moonbeams

beyond the beach

whilst runners roll in the cold


to herald memories beyond

their reach

in bloodied souls that Tangiers


So tomorrow's foals could

dream in peace

and have the 'right' to

walk 'unleashed'

or fly in the air

beneath their feet

with wings upon their

tender 'feat'

while tending crops

and sowing seeds

To spread the love

for ''all ones' needs

beneath the seas

and on the streets

For all the days

in every day

to pave the way

for better days

for ''every' day

in all the days

for better days

for better days...


days flash by in a matter of seconds

like stars falling from the sky

and our childhood echoes distant

like thunder

a storm of another kind reigns nigh

and its passage holds little comfort

I am surrounded by echoes of past and present

on this occasion they have grown faint and fast

their cadence whispering in foreign tongues

and the familiar seems suddenly unfamiliar

slices of time flash before me

...indelible reflections

of the times we spent together

I am forever bound by her love and kindness

she imprinted my soul with her acceptance

and loved me enough to believe in my future

I will miss my Sister

her child-like wonder

delightful laughter

her unconditional acceptance

I will miss all of these things 

and more

I was blessed to have her in my life

and I will carry her love with me always


It seems that in this day and age of excess; people are looking for short cuts to success. I often wonder where this flawed equation of success sprang  from. Perhaps from the 'ones who have the most'?

I suppose it's true that many in our society have been showered with the financial benefits of earning power while missing the finer points in building character, by commercial programming and parents who are so busy working to provide a new pair of sneakers for their child that they have to substitute material goods for quality time to show their love and care.

It's through caring and mentoring that we learn discipline, not by having material goods in place of teaching.  The real world doesn't work that way, and I believe we've been the worst perpetrators of what we deem to be 'a youth that wants everything handed to them.'

To be self-supporting you've got to live in a country that elevates people based on merit, not nepotism. You've got to have goals, given the opportunities and the options to learn and grow and be willing to work hard. Character takes time to develop and doesn't develop overnight, we're all works in progress.

The youth of today have so much going for them, I believe they are one of the most innovative and free thinking generations to date, a necessity in today's climate of oppression, never-the-less along with the rest of the peoples great things can be realized.  Peace is within reach.

So yes, wow me with your ideas and your great visions, but be prepared to work really hard and overcome rarely seen obstacles  to make these visions come to fruition.  The future has great potential to be bright, lets not leave any generation with the current misguided legacy of excess and gluttony, we've seen what kind of results that brings and it's not pretty. One need only turn on the evening news to hear the latest excuses and mudslinging brought to you by our 'finest' wealth.y politicians and monopolies.

Instead lets change the world for the better and make sure we take a stand for all peoples and teach the fundamental truths behind truly building and achieving our dreams to make certain we leave a lasting legacy we can all be proud of.

Written in 1999 by Mary Margaret Park, edits to reflect current times added today, September 10th 2021.

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