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by M. Park, Et. al.

The Center Rolls/Rose in 'Old-Man's' Prose

An 'Old' man knows

the center rolls/rose

To fall from Grace

a man's disgrace who doesn't know

his official place

Denies all grace

to Another's race

The Corporate hijackers try to hide 

the peoples' truths' behind their lies

Their dead eyes cannot hide

behind the widows veil

The People's innocence resides beyond the pall

A race track grifter's approach and style

leans on a country's truths' denied

Especially when dressed in

'Official Smiles'

These 'clever' classes, steal our glasses

Don stolen coats as treasure

to trick and trap

has no yield to measure

Cloaked in white collars' of corporate/government's

perversions used to steal another's treasures

'Fore Your Pleasure'

Retail Chain Stores

aren't chains stored for retail

Just as goods sold to consumers

aren't consumers sold as goods

A Junk Bond's truest 'steal'

Fools dressed up in tailor made treachery

Promoted Pa'onzi Schemes

Are Danger shelled in Shell Games

Their trickery traps in hidden 'contracts'

The 'fools' of trade betray their 'change'

in hidden 'exchange' for purchases repurposed

As if mazes to confuse were essential

for clarity's windows 

The masses no more than chattel to betray

as if their tools weren't human made

Like olden day trappers hidden snares

to kill and sell what is rare

Ebony and Ivory poached like Pelts

Trapper's who Vulture

are no one's friend

They circle the living to rob the dead

Like Corporate Lawyers use paper hangers

then lie in wait or approach unknown for

delivery of unasked for 'information'

their offers are no favor, just fish hooks

cloaked in 'presumptions' flavor


Their triangulation's predicted long ago

Kennedy's assassination wears their clothes

They flash mob and surround in multiple degrees

Hack phone lines, computers, and lame brain for illegal leads

Their low blows have no bounds, they'll even

use unqualified company doctors on their rounds

To pry and depose on illegal grounds

Their Modus Operandi to slander and liable 

with Malice of Forethought

To Assassinate 'characters' that can't be bought

'Accidently on Purpose their foremost 'thought'

Corporate Methods endorsed by their Owners

and Executive's via CEO's so Suite-C

Their 'hired' 'hands' use 'pusher's tools',

like company metrics on high octane jet fuel

Their now known to use innocent employees

and lie to dangerous professionals

to use as their 'mules'

treacherous moves; dirty pool

Executive's who play games with life and death

The Coward's Prize

'Suits' their pretty dress

their truest Prize

petty methods dressed as pretty

to convince 'others' that killing innocent survivors

in place of guilty Board members

and Executive C-Suite Corporate Owners

omit crucial facts paired with

manufactured 'tracks' 

The innocent should not pay the price

for another's crimes who thinks

his money entitles him to molest

another's mind 

Or sucker-punch a hired hand

or blindside peoples' who don't understand

A person who labels the innocent as

'suckers' to use as pawns

Is the Sucker

To commit baseless crimes

to cover executives established criminal acts 

who come back after the fact to hide their tracks to

promote and present false truths as fact with intent and forethought

 is malfeasance cloaking torturous acts

Corporate 'loss preventions' aren't disguised to deputize

They lost their Checker's Game for Gain

Cause Chinese Checkers ain't Chess

Just as numbers aren't runners

Runner's aren't numbers

Tilting tables ain't on the level

Just as fair games don't have to cheat for gain

And 'Manny' don't play games

Even a fool knows 50:50 doesn't

equal null and Void/less than Zero

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