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A 'Chomsky' "Tell"
his analytics show the Genius of clever
Semantics and Syntax
surely matters

Yet, his analytical negations of 
Skinner's tone and tanner'
surely overlooked the more
important message:
the impact of psycho-social
studied 'subjects' matter and manner
reveal 'previous-designs'
repetitious 'banter'

After all, Skinner's operant conditioning
and the Stanford 'projects' speak of
mainstream 'practices' used on
the "less entitled" classes
present day

Quite an "evolutionary" parade,
wouldn't You say, a propagandist's 'play'.
Modern day

On the other hand
the majority of the classes
must understand
you've done your part for
"the less fortunate landed"
After all, donated books make
for wonderful proceeds
and education is so 'very'
important for the 'less fortunate' breed
on beating the odds
Succession succeeds

T'was so generous of you
to join the 'others' official Letter
to the New York Time's to express
your concern's regarding societal matters.

T'was perfectly showcased
Language usage and tone

The people were most flattered
the impression left..



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