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By M. Park

Metal Markers
aren't rail yard shuttles
just as 'legal' bank card scams
aren't rainy day puddles

Boiler plates and Boxcars
aren't easy to hide
and grand theft auto
don't make it your ride

Notes and memo's don't 
re-appear to disappear
Could be a C-Suites
pinking shears

Public tribunal transcripts aught
not libel or 'disappear'
Nor should computer
notes lode for DeBiers

Disney Dockets
don't thrill or evade
when states sponsor child abuse
and promote the slave trade

Red lined Go Around's in
Judicial systems 
Accelerate Spin 
as Merry-go-Round's
trade wind's twins
go around in rounds
again and again

Polaroid Camera's were
more than 1970's toys
Instant family photo reminders
bring Old Hippies joy
Many modern day gadgets
make false claims
white noise doesn't hide,
it reappears
in "free's" patterned

Mister C-Corp. Little
loves 'Sugar & Kane'
Arrogant 'fools' have no shame
Now Mr. Little 
may have lost his wind
Cause Jamaican Sugar Kane's
a Special..  Blend

Heavy weight lead, thin as ice
Could be..
a Chalice running over,
ain't loaded dice


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