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Parks and Forests are full of flora, fauna, and trees
Preserved for the peoples and wildlife's enjoyment;
If you please...

Not to be fouled, polluted, diverted, or stolen
The Park's make distinctions "for-rests" measure,
rarely spoken

Rangers' maintain tall towers too
High above the tree-tops, a canopy view
to spot
smoke signals in their youth
to prevent forest fires from blazing
and burning grass, tree, and root
to blackest soot

National Monuments are Parks' too.
The St. Louis Arch
and its grounds included

Park's make important distinctions
Balanced plant and animal health is key
to preventing extinction

Ranger's and Coast Guards' care about
Public Safety Measures
Patrol rivers and lakes for your pleasure

Enforce NO WAKE ZONES so pontoons,
sail boats, and speed boats can
safely cruise
Tow in stranded people in boats who've
been marooned

For Your Pleasure
Beautiful Forests and Parks include
Campsites for everyone to enjoy and use

For (Family) Adventures,
marked Trail Heads and Maps too

Along the Forest floor
Trails cut through
where moss and lichen grow anew
"springs" waterfall "dew"

Maples, Ash, Oak, and Elm trees,
round about Evergreens' too

The Evergreen's Grace lies in the Winter frost,
to show us greens' and blues' aren't lost

Winter's Frost eventually bow's 
to Spring's misty veil
a brief betrothal
Spring's renewal; Winter's betrayal


 "Dreams are the touch tones of our characters."

-- Henry David Thoreau 

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