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by M. Park, Et. al.

A Mocking Bird
knows all the songs
but gentle winds
trade bitter..

The large Corporate Steads
aren't superior hybrid's
but laughing hyenas'
No principles, Charlots

A court jester knows
the judge's "hat"
and over-done deals
are the peoples shaft

Bank Tellers know
their rotten breed
they divert cell phones
and cut off needs

Raiding bank accounts to
prevent charge backs 
are Extortionist's favored
playbook rules
to roll, play,

Their latest scheme
steals children's dreams
stolen saving's accounts
diverted for real estate

Roller skates
aren't ice cream shovels
a grave digger know's
mansion's from hovel's

They're targeting the elderly
and big bank accounts
Data mining rolled
in marketing Jargon
to isolate and kill
Grandma's Taboggen

Ford models' know
their "rapes" by heart
Like most rich men's 'toys'
the Ladies have called
'no joy'

Their Pretentious Parties
are Seller's 'Stables'

The 'Barkers' Yell,"Step right up,
'Barbie & Ken' Cymbals sold Here"

"Live nude Girls"

Dress, Impress, Delight, and lie
then take bets on which 
"trophy" to 'bed' tonight

Greedy Pigs
travel in PAC'S
The richest one's
camel hump backs

The people figured out long ago
ain't no such thing as 
random in a 'rigged' deal
kill off the competition
'Break' and Steal'

The 'Old Boy's' Richie C-Suites'
are drinking swill
At 856$ to I$ per hour pay
What a Deal!

'What a Generous Gift!
Richie's "Entitled" to another Bonus!
How about we give him a Pill?

Oxycontin, Anyone?

It's a Party.
Bingo! Jackpot!
They've bankrupted the Country..
Let's give them/him a "shot"!

 Richie C-Suites' Amazing!
He's reduced his 'Stable Bills'

One Horse
Pulls the Work Load of an all
Six Horse Carriage!
He's increased his profits by 85%!
and met Corporate metrics
'Progressive' Profit 

Richie C-Suites' 
"Entitled" to another Bonus!

Richie C-Suites' points to his preferred
choice, and exclaims,
"All Employees Work Loads will now be
"Five Times Greater" 
Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus!

And as people lay dying in mass..

Richie C-Suites' Corp's
Enron Buddys' are taking bets
on Extortion's Prettiest "pets"
Financial Instruments to hide and deny
"Fast Cash Flash"
They're taking "high fashion" bids
to Auction off  and Plagiarize anyone's Inventions, Music, Writing, and Art
Steal Family business's and
then Loan Shark

Deny the people legal, intellectual, 
and property rights, then raise
consumer good price's
Out of Sight
(rent,food,utilities, et. cetera)

Then they
Deny all raises,
Deny insider trading,

"We will admit no wrong doing!"

Cut payrolls

Make the company "poor" on paper
then kick more employees
out the doors.

"Those Boy's Scored."

Oh, they left out the part where they
sell all your worldly goods
and steal your home after the fact

Their Boardroom Motto:

"The jobs not done until 'we/they' steal
ALL of your cash."


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