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Image by Chase B.


" 'Fore' Play for Pay"

Libelous set ups

A card sharps 'fool'

Tools of the trade on display


From a Black SUV

A formal (rebel) yell

not street legit

A contemptuous bitch hit

with a slanderous twist

or a hold out from hell

t'was an obvious 'Tell'

A had that Smell

An attack; a 'put-on' an ACT

A trade secret on display

Fore-play: for pay


Image by Chase B.
Image by Chase B.



"Habeas Corpus"

Libelous set ups or sit ups?

Abdominal crunches for hunches-backed?

A card sharps Tool for Spool

White TIGERS rule, FOOL

Triangulate and assassinate by bullets

as a character 'disclaimers'

A 'you-wish' lawyer's paper hanger's

A Monopolist's no brainer

Back and to the left ain't funny

to many

And row's for roses, ain't circuits 

for circus

Just arrogant fools with predatory

unjust purpose

Purpose isn't Porpoise

Just as Porpoise

isn't Habeas Corpus

Image by Chase B.
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