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Oppression's Tale

The signs of the times

reveal truths

the streets teaming with protestors

resonate with veracity

They speak against




a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered 

as more


the power is in the peoples

with universal principles of honour

they stand.


In every nation.

Veracity seas with the tides of time.

With rhythms rhyme

we river in all times

the freedom chimes


With rhythms rhyme

and the freedom chimes

We flow through all  

time's tides

and tide's times


In nature's beauty

the truest treasure

nature's measure

tides truth

oer' all eras

In rivers blind

she tows the lines

she holds the line

in river's time

the freedom chimes

in rhythm's rhymes

tides of time

ring true



I've gazed into the eyes

of the beholden 'beholder'

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

that which is seen

cannot be unseen

the trivialized notion

of my convictions

thus apparent

a fool's quest

for unrelenting wisdom

the eye of man so limited

this age of innocence

has passed beyond

my reckoning

id and ego

fused in

matter and anti-matter

Jung and Freud's


joined in the black hole of time

a forced exchange into oblivion

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

just another punchline in the cosmos

centuries of silenced rage

have been reduced to milliseconds

a stuttered shot

from when they came

from where they come

I know not

their forced exchange

proffers 'nothing' as more

blinks significant

as insignificant

signals inverted, reversed sinology

orders in reversed order

to increase attitude's amplitude

manufactured reactions

a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more



in 'blanc' demeanor

total oppression

less than zero

a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

a denial of vive'

a death penalty

they falsely accused

and convicted

keepers' of innocence

robes of judgment

'costumes' as justice

their ordinances kill wonder

and grace

their grave judgment

a forced exchange

they proffered nothing

as 'more'

deigned to all existence

even as they pillaged,

raped, and plundered

those they had deemed


a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

those who

denied justice

desecrated land

desecrated life

desecrated the dead

a forced exchange

where nothing is proffered

as more

engraved the living

with their initials

asserted ownership

branded entitlement

to trade and enslave

with vitriol and in


they condemned

a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

the spark of creation

denied of 'basic' rights

their modus operandi

a deliberate corrosion of

forward motion


not a brief


a kill-shot

of sight and sound

denying my existence

a forced exchange

where 'nothing' is proffered

as more

forced oppression


is a denial of existence

a denial of rights in vive'

a denial of instinctual rights

denies one's right to survival


a forced extinction

en mass

is mass


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