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the chains of America

are chains of deceit

our freedoms defined

surveilled on the streets


mass media begs

with all that is trite

false messages for fools

stool pigeons insight


the truth that we seek

got lost in the fray

as elitist owned leaders

strip searched us for pay


the might of America

is not what is seen

from horizons of truth 

awaits justice it seems


what sort of system

steals from the poor

presents lies as the truth

bilks citizens for more?         

where do we turn

for the justice we seek?

if enforcing the law means

human rights are impeached?


what kind of future

will we have to behold

is freedom a commodity to be auctioned off

and resold?


is the salt of our years

liberty’s gasp, a final rite?

or a poignant reminder 

of what we’ll lose if we don’t fight?



the taunt skin of disapproval

a fisheye view from the sky

narrow angled 

the wider wisdom of the world


information squeezed into small circles




into artificial impressions

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