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after midnight

driving on the interstate.

listing back and forth with the swish and swipe of the

windshield wipers 

tires sizzling on a griddle of wet pavement


up ahead,    

an artistic display…

tail lights

stutter and flash

stamping the pavement

in multiple

ribbons of red light

while oncoming cars

illuminate their forward motion

in an otherworldly glow


above the interstate

cycling traffic lights emerge from the dark

like island ghosts

in yellow, red, and green halo’s

closed businesses, framed in fluorescence  

promise civilization

except for 24-hour gas stations and truck stops

it’s all a lie


I think of desolation

deserted rest stops 

the buzz of sodium vapor lights, and the click of electrified bug zappers

drawing my line of sight upward

where. thousands. of insects circle deathtraps in swirling madness

beholden to prism’s

prisons' of glare  


I hesitate,  loath to enter a false facade

my decision dependent on the flip of a coin

the restrooms hollow corridors of stale piss


sanitary bastions of a safety only suggested

I enter

with only the chance of exit

 fortunate but not unscathed

I hurry back to my car

Lying and cheating

He loves deceit

An artistic wannabe

don’t have no beat


Traitorous chivalry

A man on the lam

A coward’s misfortune

Propagates shams


People are tokens

For this wily guy

Use them abuse them

Suck their souls dry


A gambler’s fortune

A fool’s quest for glee

pocket books empty

she’ll give he receives


for all his misfortune

are other’s to blame

discarding his allies

this fool is so lame/has no shame


why work for money

run a con and a scam

a predators notion

he connives and he plans/cause he can


the craziest notion

is to believe in his dream

support him and love him

and he’ll make you scream


his honour is absent

his brilliance a sham

to build and destroy

in his master plan


why pay for shelter

a car or some bling

he’s so very ‘clever’

a user it seems


broken friendships and people

are left in his wake

with the pretense of giving

he loves to take


his legacy poison

unprofessional traits

but he loves the attention

‘so fuck people’s fate’


no one’s exempt

from his silly games

to love or to hate

to him it’s the same


so now that I’ve swallowed

his bitter pill

his legacy’s spoken

he’s just a shill


for all of his insight

he short-changed his means

he’ll choke and he’ll fail

cause poser’s aren’t kings


so fool em and fuck em

use up their best

then find a replacement

at their request


diplomacy’s difficult

he won’t compromise

his walk in perfection

has lost it’s disguise 

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