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Life's Rainbow


Autumn's breeze

ripples the leaves

with Winter's announcement

A quiet Pause

the chill wind muted

in a flattened wave of sadness

for Summer's passage

and the Springs' that came before

In the wind's whispered message

a cycle of life and death resides

Not one of finality

but of dormancy

Spring's memories linger there too

Beneath Summer's silence

Fall leaves her shoes

A Caesura

'Tis simply a time of rest

Fall colours misty veil holds

the vibrancy of nature's best

Just as the "posies' pose

their heads above the

last of winter's snows

The wind wave's her good-bye's in hello's

In the rhythms of all times far beyond and below

resides the minutes and 'hours'.

Moments of wonder and Grace cannot be stolen

for they shine far above and beyond Winter's toll

In our today's and tomorrow's

our expressions of joy

and hardship ebb and flow

In nature's expression

The seasons' are nature's ribbon

Life's rainbow


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