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Winds of War

Dresden's Survivor                   

Rumpelstiltskin prints

Leopard decoupage

A frizz of curls

Dresden’s survivor


He rose from slaughterhouse-five to witness a charred hell on earth


Total destruction at the hands

of his allies

A wall of wit and rancor on a society soaked in oil

I bet he’s laughing

from the grave

Time has passed in a cold whisper for those of us left


if only surrounded by ranting fools

Why do Nations falter

with the vice of war?

Perhaps our leaders have forgotten

what they’re fighting for?


We think ourselves the masters

as we behave as slaves

black crude and Saudi Silver

have come to rule our days


What glitters is not gold

but a tool of strife and hate

unlike the kings of old

we have bargained with our fate


Our leaders take by force

what we can’t rightly claim

Our imperialistic vision

is a very dangerous game


The European Nations

see our fatal flaw

in strong-arming other nations

the dust of war on us does fall


Fighting unseen enemies

we think lie outside our doors

We end up crippling freedoms

within our very shores


The ropes we cast to vanquish

our enemies far away

burn the hands that wield them

in the truths we will not say


When the salt of discord

has dried upon our cheeks

will other nations turn their backs

on the empty words we speak?


and should civilians scream

and die upon the streets

will we still think we’re clever

will victory be so sweet?

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