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October 20, 2021

Saint Peters, Mo 

Rumor has it that at a local Midriver's bank, the entire staff of trusted long-term employees went missing or were stolen by 'bank-robbers' who forced them to sign non-disclosure/non-compete contracts. Those that refused to sign were threatened by Gag orders.

"The employees were 'robbed' (went missing) from the local bank gradually from late November 2020 and January 30, 2021"

"The trusted employees who 'went missing' ranged from long-term bank tellers to personal account managers to  book keepers and managers who conduct daily commerce including long-term janitorial staff."

According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Replaced by "too eager" strangers, who act more like Division managers with attitudes that suggest prejudiced agenda's aimed at defaming customers who complain and/or decreasing bank accountability with flip excuses regarding 'sudden' bank statement practice changes and/or errors that enrich the bank but don't treat the patrons fairly.

One regular bank customer remarked, "It's like a whole new world in there, like "The invasion of the Body Snatchers."

The bank's customer  account statements vary, but the most striking change is reflected in the 'suddenly' produced customer bank statements  that are often inaccurate or derogatory that have opted to replace the local bank's 'World' icon printed in bright green ink with a foreboding black 'World' icon akin to 'charred suet' in black stone, and sporting varied Out-of-State addresses that suggest 'paper hanger' predatory practices.

One longtime bank customer, "Ann", was accused of paying 19 credit card payments late, and missing a December 2020 payment altogether (reflected on January's 2021 statement), even though she had the original bank statements that proved she hadn't made any late payments.

Furthermore, the supposed December 2020 missed payment, was actually when she went to the bank in person to close the credit card down for security reasons, and as such paid the entire balance in full, only to later discover the bank didn't close out the card and had merely issued another one, then claimed there were additional charges carried over which hadn't been posted when she closed the card and insisted the bank's late postings constituted non-payment; therefore a missed December payment.

Furthermore, Ann received a defamatory letter from the black letter head bank stationary claiming her available credit had been reduced by 50% due to 'defamatory' comments. They as well claimed they could lower or change her credit card rating at any time for ANY reason. (Naturally, the long-term personal account manager who had taken care of the December closing went 'missing' during the "robbery")  Ann requested a second closing of the credit card due to the aforementioned, paid the January balance in full, only to discover that PRIOR to activating the new card that  followed, charges had been carried over once again. Outraged

by lax security and by the banks libel she closed out the much needed credit card completely.

Additionally, her debit ATM card which carries no fee if used at the banks ATM machine is always rejected, so she has to go inside the bank to get cash or incur charges if she uses another bank ATM.

Hostile takeover? Or targeted attack? Perhaps those additional fees and shoddy security are being used to cover possible 'takes', and rob and slander any customers' who insist on detailed accurate records to account for 'said' mistakes.

At this rate the patrons of the bank may as well put their hands up in the "Don't Shoot" position whenever they do banking transactions, after all, actions like these suggest the Banks are the Bank Robbers.

Mary M.Park's Op-Editorial originally written for Newspaper Print 

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