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by Mary Margaret Park Et. al.

Bad cops Good cops, which do you see?

How can you tell uniforms individually?

Imposters of promise with uniforms on

could be authorities or an illegal

contractor's norm.

Citizen Kane doesn't know what to say?

How do the  innocent tell what's true in the malay?

Or has 1984 come to represent present day?

Citizens count on the purity of organisations

Not on flim flam men posing as such

Not on 'cop shops' posing as public servants

And surely the majority of stations are good?

But what is the 'station' like in your neighbourhood?

Self-righteous, uncaring, or called to God's  service?

Whose God  are they serving?

Money Gods or honourable purpose?

The world's full of good but of bad thru and thru

What's an innocent citizen supposed to do?

When. local blue forces appear in 'plain clothes' dressed up like Ameren Electric technicians and pose?

What  sort of message does that send?

One of accidental oversight or corruption in  those we depend?

Hacked phone lines, computers, accounts of all kinds.

Are  the 'good' guys actually criminal minds?

Let's hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Can't get any help from 'cop shops' that overlook public safety

And what does one do when 'they' can't tell the difference?

Are we all at the 'money God's' mercy or

does HONOUR AND JUSTICE see/sea more clearly?




Upon the plains

are  his remains

Cast ashore by  evermore

a dunned king's bane

is not a military plane

Blue line ink

a fairy 'tail'

with contracted 'sink'

built in to tell

is a skunk swank

or 'sweet'

A fool's niche knows

ain't no snitch

but  power blues

leave multiple's

then 'switch'


The people know

artesian wells

are sacred pools

to help 'ones' heal

and folly's gold shines heavenly hell

Fair is the true

justice bell

A global city

an oddest occurrence

unless of course

its got 'cable' currents

With megapixel 'ayes'

the Baltic regions

know both seasons and 'reasons'

she/he ain't got no bonus's

to commit high treasons

And so it goes

what locals know

every locale known

in every Nation

So fuck your fiction

another's temptation

another's redemption

Have your fun

and tend it well

the innocents' innocence

won't go to hell

especially for some

trident fool

on accidence on purpose

'it' ain't no spool'

So if you fuck

with elseone's bling

you get to keep that diamond ring


'the tailor's jewel'

has no keys

just humble pi

for insolent

impudent fools


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