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Park, Et. al

birds and bees

wonderful trees

the world is diverse

just like the universe

flowers' at play

bloom rounds today

in multiple colors

like sisters' and brothers'

Fuchsia or yellow

or purple so mellow

from deep reds to pastels

springs fruit to nourish 

 ladies' and fellows'

vegetables' thrive

in dark soil with sunshine

with proper bacteria and insects

aeration and rains' process

water tables, some buried deep

provide fresh flow for all to drink

small farming families

local and caring 'green thumbs'

aren't notions, but truths

we can't spare

nature's cornucopia

keeps cells in good stead

so new seeds' when planted

germinate in proper climates

temperatures 'mead'

we must take care of the planet

with proper sunshine and rains

to nourish plants, trees, and our dreams

spirits must be respected, lifted, protected

Old one's dwell beyond imagination

previous civilizations have much to teach

innocence and wonder make up

that which is seen and not seen

Interactions with nature, include local

neighbor's and stranger's

to uplift with a kind word or gesture

trumps selfish measures

take a moment through the day

to appreciate the beauty around you

the breeze waving trees' leaves

or when a Meadowlark sings

or a Child's innocent laughter

or a stranger's genuine kindness

for these actions have no monetary measure

they're priceless treasures

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